Center for the Advancement of
Integrated Medical and Engineering Sciences

AIMES’ mission is to offer an academic research environment that promotes interdisciplinary research and education alongside innovation and entrepreneurship.

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A bibliometric summary of the key words of research performed at AIMES in 2021 clearly demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of our projects.

Who we are

AIMES’ vision is a world in which the improvement of human well-being can be achieved alongside responsible utilization of Nature’s resources.

We provide an environment where researchers with integrated knowledge in technology, materials science and medical issues use their full repertoire to solve research problems and develop new technologies.

By unifying basic and applied research in open dialogue with industry and the public sector, AIMES will bring science to society offering solutions to a number of global societal challenges.

Interdisciplinary scientists

The main criterium asked of AIMES’s scientists is a commitment to “integrated medical and engineering” projects. Whether these projects involve infection, neuroscience, or cancer from the medical perspective, or electrical, material chemistry, or biotechnology from the engineering perspective is irrelevant.

We welcome scientists whose work spans across the disciplines - intrinsically interdisciplinary scientists.

Scientific Publications​

A core mission of AIMES is to conduct interdisciplinary research of highest standard. In 2021, AIMES scientists published 44 scientific articles in 37 different leading and high-impact factor journals spanning across a wide range of disciplines. 

The interdisciplinarity of AIMES research is clearly witnessed from the assortment of journals presenting our work. These includes Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Advanced Healthcare Materials, Cell Reports Biofabrication, Lab on a Chip, PLOS Pathogens and NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes. 

Latest news

There Is A Great Need For Innovative, Academic Environments That Promote Interdisciplinary Research, Innovation, Implementation And Entrepreneurship.

AIMES is expanding!

We are happy to welcome Hongji Yan as Team Leader at AIMES! His highly multidisciplinary research, which involves basic science,

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